Why Are Google Search Results Faster Than Local Hard Drive Queries?


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Hey ellarukum vanakkam,

Most of us using windows have this question in mind and few may got the answer to it already. Even though i will give you the correct answer to it. When search for something in google, the results arises in milliseconds, when search for something in your computer(hard disk) the results take minutes.

Google search results is much faster the search we made in our hard drive

Google search results is much faster the search we made in our hard drive

Actually its not only windows operating system any operating system you will be searching for something will take time more than google replies. Don’t think you google got a hard disk size much more than your’s and it got loads of files in its server system. Then how google just take’s milliseconds to get a perfect results for your queries.

The search results doesn’t only see that google got fine algorithms to find out results quicker than you think.The answer for the question is google not searching answer to the internet.

Google just index searches rather searching the answer’s from its whole database. Every search we made is been indexed by google, and when we search again google finish the process by searching the answer in the indexes.

Whereas windows is concerned as a non-indexed one, if you just index your windows operating system or whatever operating system you are using then you will get the search results more quicker and easier. Indexing your hard disk is very tuff in the begining, when things done. Later it will be much easier to do it afterwards.

So that’s it.

Health Tips & Benefits of Eating Watermelon


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Hey ellarukum vanakkam,

in this post am going to share some health benefits of eating watermelon. Its very hot in most parts of india due to summer season and as we are living in chennai,tamilnadu which ranks top in the list of hot places in india. So inorder to feel cool in this season rather being fried under the hot sun.

To take care of your health in this season you can take watermelon. Watermelon the sweet red flesh can cool you and taste so sweet particularly on those warm and summer days.

watermelon really keeps you cool

watermelon really keeps you cool

Eating watermelon will really bring you to a peaceful environment, that’s what your body needs in summber isn’t it?

Alright, let me provide you the health benefits of eating watermelon.

1.Antioxidant firepower
2.Enhance the immune system
4.Increased energy
5.Weight loss
6.Heart health

A brief about google chrome extension Angry Birds


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Hey ellarukum vanakkam,

in this post you will learn how to play the world’s most popular game Angry Birds in you google chrome web browser.

Angry Birds gaming in your chrome web browser.

Angry Birds gaming in your chrome web browser.

Angry Bird games got lots of hits in android,apple,windows environment and you can download the angry birds games from its official website also. There are lots of ways to play angry birds game offline and online as your wish.

I will share some of the ways to play it, because i know you love to play that game to demolish the pigs. Angry birds games enrich the enthusiasm when we play the game in front of our friends. One telling play in one style and the another in one another style and finally you choosing to play it your own play style. Its fantastic isn’t it?

If you are using a google chrome web browser then you either follow any one or both the below steps to play the game online with lots of fun and joy.

To play Angry Bird game directly without any installation you can click this link¬†and there it will take few seconds to load and you can have joy by playing online. There will all the angry birds game flavors will available. Few flavors of the game needs to login and you can play some without signing in. That’s cool.

To get a direct link of the angry bird game in your chrome web browser you can click this webstore link. Install the extension by clicking “Add to Chrome” and start playing the game.

A brief about Google Chrome Extension Similar Sites

Hey people, ellarukkum vanakkam.

In this post you are going to learn about a google chrome extension which is used to search for similar sites on the internet.

Similar Sites

Similar Sites website screen shot

There are thousands of thousands of millions website’s are available in the internet and they growing very fast each day. For getting a good quality content you have to find out a website which full fills your requirements. So consider you found a website and we will help you find more websites which serves the same like the website which you have found already.

Fine, what is similar sites chrome extension is about ?

Google Chrome offers many extension which various qualities to the user’s from the developer. There are huge numbers of extensions are present and they are growing in bullet fast. Similar Sites is one of the chrome extension which will help you to find out the similar websites you are surfing on.

say for example, you are surfing a blog which provides contents about the state board examination results. You are surfing on that websites to find a result for you or for some other person. In this scenario, if the websites that you are browsing fails to deliver the results due to some problem may be a server load. At that time you will not proper response from the web server of that site for your query.

So at that moment of time, you have to find another site which have to give the state board examination results. For finding a new website this similar sites chrome extension is used. With just a single click on the similar sites icon you can the maximum number of similar sites available. Before that you have to install similar sites chrome extension on your browser or you have to search google like below.

Google search

“related:website domain url”(without double-quote)

eg : “related:www.examresults.co.in”

Install Google Chrome Extension by following the below steps

Step1 : Open google chrome web browser

Step2 : Visit the similar sites extension chrome web store page click here.

Step3 : Click “Add to Chrome” and the extension will be installed, you can see a small icon with the alpabhet “S” at the top-right corner of your browser.

That’s all.